Carlos was born on 5 April 1986 and from early childhood demonstrated his musical ability in public. He graduated from the Economics Highschool, then continued studies in tourism at a private college. All this time, his singing was just left as a hobby until it began to grow into something more and finally it became his destiny. In 2008, Carlos recorded his first track in a studio – „Lyubovta ima tsena“ – which was very well received and gave him the encouragement to continue with his music career. The video was rotated on MAD TV, and was the first pop-folk video rotated on this music TV. Carlos signed a contract with a music company, but ended it quickly when he realised that he and the company had different ideas for his career. In 2013 he become part of the Payner music family. Carlos made his debut on air with Planeta TV with the project Druga poroda, which was filmed in New Zealand and Singapore. Since then Carlos has released other popular projects, some of them in a collaboration with Tsvetelina Yaneva, Emilia and Liter Jack.

2011 – Carlos released the song „Love“ feat. Aitor Galan with publisher Contrasena Records – Spain
2012 – Carlos released the song „La Chica De Alli“ feat. Aitor Galan & Los Tiburones with publisher Blano y Negro Latino – Spain

„Lubovsta ima tsena“, „Golemite razmeri“, „Udryash v garba“, „Rob na luzhi“, „Edinak“ /ft. FoLi/, „Druga poroda“, „Neka da poznaya“, „Ne e udobno“, „Srok na godnost“, „Dyavolski vyarno“ /ft. Tsvetelina Yaneva/, „Kofti hora“ /ft. Emilia/, „Krasivo minalo“ /ft. Liter Jack/, „Chestno li“, „Imam samo edno sartse“

Foreign-language hits:
„Prowler“ /ft. FoLi/, „Believe“ /ft. Richmond Clear/, „Love“ /ft. Aitor Galan/, „La Chica De Alli“ /ft. Aitor Galan & Los Tiburones/